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Your new competitive advantage

Have the tools and knowledge at your fingertips to easily grow your business without any prior marketing experience.

Your Secret to Marketing that Works

Step by step instructions at your fingertips for everything from optimising your WordPress site for Google to designing better social media posts.

Library of tactics

Filter marketing tactics by industry, customer type, platform or topic to instantly find how-to’s for every marketing tactic you need, specific to you.

DIY or Coaching

Work through the tactics at your own discretion, or follow our pre-defined courses where we’ll tell you what to do and when to build & implement a marketing strategy that works

Community of Support

Get instant access to our community of like-minded business owners who have been through the same challenges you’re going through right now

Kat Haigh

Marketing Expert & Thought Leader.
Founder, GrowthSprout.

“One of my greatest joys is to see entrepreneurs succeed in building a successful business from their loves and passions. My mission is to make this journey easier.”

Kat is a well-known digitl marketing expert who has worked with the likes of Sanitarium, Telstra, and Unilever, on marketing strategy, implemementation, and training, and is passionate about bringing her expertise into the hands of small and medium business owners & entrepreneurs.


What you’ll learn

Gain instant access to marketing tactics specific to your business, industry, and marketing tools. Pick your own adventure or let us put some structure to your learning.


Improve your conversions and ROI from your ad spend


Create professional, on-brand content without using a designer


Improve your website’s Google ranking without the help of an expert


Better utilise the power of analytics to improve your performance


Do it alone or join one of our courses to help you prioritise and keep you accountable

Challenge What's Possible

You no longer need experts to drive business growth through your marketing


GrowthSprout is for everyone… from the technical to the creative, from the business owner to their staff or even family. Learn what you want, skip the rest.

“Kat is a marketing genius, when ever I have any questions she was there and would always go the extra mile. Kat’s the real deal and her consultation is priceless.”

Tim Engelbrecht

Founder, Hello Sweetheart

“Learning from Kat was amazing. She is clear and gets to the points that matter. Her content is easy to follow and her sessions have helped me grow as a marketer.”

Richard Liu

Marketing Graduate, Telstra

“I have taken these learnings and immediately implemented them in my role. Thank you so much Kat for taking my marketing skills to the next level!”

Steph Perez

Marketing Specialist, Telstra


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Challenge what’s possible with GrowthSprout.

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